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Riyadh Palace 

We are pleased to serve you and provide you with shipping and delivery services to all major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Orders over 1500 riyals will be shipped
You can also track your shipment when your order is delivered to the shipping company. We will send you an email to your e-mail
It contains the bill of lading number and the shipping company’s contact number so you can track your shipment
Please remove the item from its cover during the receipt process and in the presence of the driver or the representative of the shipping company before signing the receipt

(Very important) in the event of damage to the product during the shipping process
 The customer is kindly requested to check and verify well the safety of the devices mentioned in the invoice before receiving them in the event of any fractures or any defects with any device. Acknowledgment of receipt of the goods purchased in full, in good condition and completely free from visible defects

The customer’s receipt of the equipment and devices is considered a declaration by the customer that the product is in good condition and in good condition

You can also receive the order from one of our showrooms or warehouses in the eastern region