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Our valued customers .. We thank you for choosing equipment .. Riyadh Palace for kitchen equipment and commercial restaurants
We assure you that we have the best quality and manufacturing equipment. ! ! Please review and read the items and instructions below carefully! !

Warranty policy and provisions:
The Corporation’s equipment and devices are covered (with a warranty guarantee against any technical defect in manufacturing for a period of two years) from the date of this invoice.
The first year includes spare parts ,, and ,, the second year is maintenance without spare parts except for consumables, burn, fracture, and negligence with periodic maintenance not covered by the warranty.
* Warranty service within the sales area and within (100 km), otherwise the transfer fees are calculated outside the specified area or the customer brings the equipment to the maintenance department *
 * With regard to a guarantee for devices bearing other brands, sold by us supplied to us by companies and institutions or a local agent on the client to communicate directly with the maintenance centers approved by them from the local authorized agent who is responsible for their maintenance and the provision of spare parts and we are pleased to provide the customer with the contact information with the agent through Communicate with one of our showrooms and in the event that the customer wants us to deliver it to the agent or the maintenance department we can serve him with that and the customer can communicate with them and follow up on the maintenance request *

Buyer responsibility:
(Very important) The customer is requested to check and verify well the safety of the devices mentioned in the bill before receiving them in the event of any breakages or any defects in any device. Please the customer not to receive it from the institution and request to change the product with a new one. It is in good condition and completely free from visible defects The original invoice must be kept for the product when claiming warranty and not removing the serial number of the product as it is the original reference to the warranty.
In the event that it is lost, the institution has the right to refuse the guarantee.
Not to put equipment in wet, dusty or under construction places.

Adherence to the instructions for installation and connections, and ensure the completion of the installation site and provide all the special extensions (water – electricity – gas) as specified for your equipment. Please read a booklet / instruction manual, installation and operation of each device, adhere to the instructions shown in it and install the accessories correctly before operating and using any. Using a violation of the manufacturer’s or institution’s instructions, whether written or oral, and any damage caused by that will not be covered by the warranty.

Malfunctions covered by the warranty are factory malfunctions that appeared despite the installation, operation and proper use of the product and any other malfunctions that will be dealt with outside the warranty.
A fee is charged.

Exception :The guarantee of equipment and devices shall be terminated in the event that the equipment is opened or attempted to be repaired by any party other than the establishment’s maintenance team exclusively and is considered outside the warranty.

The warranty of equipment and devices shall be terminated as a result of misuse, use, negligence, or any errors resulting from improper installation such as the use of a high pressure gas regulator, operating in a violating current, generator, or salty water, overloading the device’s energy, or a failure to perform preventive, periodic, and cleaning by the customer.

Do not hesitate if you need a maintenance process or any inquiries, you can contact the technical support department
Thanks for your trust in us